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OAK’s Children’s Group, Coningsby Rd, Leominster HR6 8LL


What exactly is OAKS?

OAKS Children’s Group is a Leominster based Childcare Charity that strives to support our local community as much as possible through full day care provisions for children, Holiday Clubs, Parent Child Groups and other fun community activities.

Can you tell me more about Honey Bees Day Nursery?

Honey Bees Day Nursery is a nursery made up of three separate settings that care for children from birth up to 6 years old. The settings include; a Baby Room, a Toddler Room, and the Pre-School, each with facilities and trained staff to meet the needs of your child, regardless of their age.


What is OAKS Holiday Club?

OAKS Holiday Club is a program that runs during school holidays for children between the ages of 4 and 13, where they can engage with children their age in a plethora of fun and interesting activities and games.

What are your parent child play groups?

The Baby and Toddler Sensory Play are parent child groups that aim to stimulate your young child’s senses through various activities; such as light rooms, sand pits or outdoor play sessions.

In addition, we also hope these sessions can afford parents the chance to meet new friends and socialize where they may normally not be able to.

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