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Welcome to OAKS Children's Group!

Opportunities for adventure, knowledge and skills

Welcome to OAKS Children’s Group! We are a charity based in Leominster, Herefordshire. We aim to provide a friendly, safe and inclusive space for the local community. We look to build on the strengths and resources of children and families, offering appropriate and accessible support where needed to ensure the best start for everyone. Our highly qualified, committed staff team create a caring, stimulating learning environment, working in partnership with all families.

We provide Outstanding Services, including:

  • Honey Bees Day Nursery; a full day care provision
  • Parent and Child Play sessions
  • OAKS Holiday Club
  • And other community and family events and services.

Our Rooms

Honey Bees Day Nursery

Baby Room

Honey Bees Day Nursery

Toddler Room

Honey Bees Day Nursery


About us

OAKS is a charity with multiple provisions, including a small three room nursery based in Leominster, Herefordshire called Honey Bees Day Nursery, providing all day childcare, as well as term time care. Our building offers bright and colourful distinct rooms for each age setting, with lush and well-equipped gardens for our children to grow and explore in. Founded in 2009, our staff and practitioners have used their wealth of experience, knowledge, and qualifications to evolve and improve our methods and standards, providing exceptional childcare services for our children. 

A few times a week, we run parent toddler and baby groups for the local community, these groups include art groups, sensory play sessions, and outdoor explorer groups. These groups aim to offer an environment where your children can explore and develop their senses, as well as allowing you as a parent to meet other parents and develop new friendships. We also run OAKS Holiday Club during school holidays and half-terms for children aged between 4 and 13, where they can come in and enjoy a plethora of fun activities with children of a similar age, enabling them to further grow their confidence and make new friends. Contact us today for more information.

Forest School

Forest School is a key part of our childcare and education, with proven benefits to learning and well-being. It promotes children’s self-confidence and emotional development, helping them to safely engage with risk and become more resilient. Forest School follows the same curriculum as indoors but with some different activities (when the children are developmentally ready). We climb trees, build dens, go bug hunting, and make mud art. We also hammer, saw, and whittle wood and enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows around the campfire. The children can explore and learn at their own pace, with a qualified leader providing support and challenge. Rain or shine, we learn together about nature and take all responsibility for looking after the site.

At OAKS, we are a very inclusive setting and care for all children regardless of their background, while also having the equipment and training to care for most physical and mental disabilities, please contact us for more details if your child requires special care measures. To promote inclusivity in our setting, we also teach our children about the different and diverse people and cultures of the world.